July 17, 2018

    Olper’s and 3 Bahadur promote healthy milk drinking habits among children

    Olper’s unveils 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam. Nutritious, unadulterated milk is one of the purest sources through which children from a young age can begin to receive the nutrients required to grow into healthy adults. In order to promote healthy milk drinking habits among children, Olper’s has collaborated with Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam. The theatrical trailer of which was launched yesterday in an exclusive screening.

    Speaking at the event General Manager Marketing Haroon Tarar further explained the idea behind Olper’s collaboration with 3 Bahadur for the sequel: “Olper’s stands for high quality, ‘Full of Nutrition’ Milk that is free of any preservatives. Regular consumption of nutritious, unadulterated Milk among children results in healthy growth in bones and overall development. However, mothers struggle to get children excited about drinking Milk. That is why Olper’s has partnered with the very popular ‘3 Bahadur’ franchise to encourage milk-drinking among growing-up children.”

    Through the collaboration with 3 Bahadur, Olper’s aims to showcase how calcium, phosphorous, folic acid and vitamin B are all essential nutrients for growing children and how by drinking nutritious milk they can avoid potential health problems in the future. To celebrate this collaboration with 3 Bahadur, Olper’s has also developed a special limited edition packaging which focuses on, Amna, Kamil & Saadi, the characters and the special powers they gain from drinking Olper’s ‘Full of Nutrition’ milk. Olper’s is also doing a promotion geared towards their consumers, at limited outlets, which has 3 different mugs for each of the Bahadur so that kids can enjoy their nutritious milk with their favorite Bahadur. Apart from this Olper’s will also be developing a TV campaign showcasing the collaboration.