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    The best leaders are those devoted to a life of learning. Effective leaders have the power to transform organizations, communities, and nations.

    The Engro Leadership Academy (ELA) is established at the Karachi School of Business and Leadership which was established by a group of Pakistani business and corporate leaders who recognized that Karachi, the business and commercial hub of Pakistan, needed a world-class business school.

    The Academy aims to give flight to the next generation of high-performers by cultivating the skills they need to drive meaningful change in an increasingly complex world. The 21st century leader must embrace change, lead by example, and create value via exceptional character, competence, and good judgement.

    learning at engro

    Our people are our greatest assets. We firmly believe that they will navigate the company through challenges, which our businesses face, and take advantage of all the opportunities our country has to offer.

    We aim to create and sustain an environment in which we attract and retain the best talent from the market. We strive to inculcate a learning-oriented culture within Engro where our employees are trained to become leaders of the future.

    The vision of the Chairman and the Board, and the expertise of international consultants and transformation partners, has brought to fruition the Engro Leadership Academy - Pakistan’s first in-house leadership academy to hone and develop their biggest asset: the talent community – the leaders of today and tomorrow.

    engro leadership academy

    together, these leaders will be equipped to orchestrate growth and champion change in a culture that inspires hearts and minds to dream, believe, and achieve

    The Academy strives to go beyond empowerment by harnessing diverse leadership models based on the transformative self-development of professionals, which is essential to elevate Pakistan to new heights. It endeavours to instil a mindset that ignites higher levels of innovation, creativity, and drive.

    Best practice leadership academies around the globe follow three key principles:

    1. Their leadership journeys are designed according to the needs of the organization.
    2. They employ the best facilitators from the world over.
    3. Are conducted at a state-of-the-art training facility.

    All management employees of Engro will have attended the Academy by 2022. After 2019 the Engro Leadership Academy will open its doors to other private and public institutions. We want the academy to be the center of excellence for all organizations that are forward thinking and people focused.