July 01, 2018

    Engro joins hands with the presidents of WB and SCB to promote poverty reduction

    Engro Corporation was part of an esteemed panel in the WB-IMF Annual Meeting and shared insights on driving a global agenda for development of shared prosperity and poverty reduction. The panel was chaired by the Group President of World Bank, Jim Kim; Group CEO Standard Chartered PLC – Peter Sands – and President Engro Corporation – Ali Ansari along with UK Secretary of State – Justine Greening and Sufian Ahmed – Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia.The panel was tasked to share inputs on “Transforming Economies for Zero Poverty & Shared Prosperity” by reviewing the essential components needed for successful economic transformation to take place in the poorest countries. Ali Ansari also discussed the role of the private sector in development, as well as the benefit of effective relationships and partnerships between the public and private sector, based on national priorities to ensure reduced poverty and inclusive growth.

    Engro has been a pioneering organization that has consistently strived to create inclusive value for a wide variety of its stakeholders, moving from corporate philanthropy to embed business inclusiveness as an integral part of its business philosophy. Over the years the Company has reviewed its footprint and partnered with its suppliers to not only create growth for its vendors but impact real and meaningful change at the bottom of the pyramid.

    Through its various businesses Engro works with over 1.5 million agricultural farmers and over 250,000 dairy farmers that formulate the core of its fertilizers and foods value chain. Engro’s interventions with the agricultural farmers has resulted in an increase of Rs. 120 billion in net farmer income while the foods business since its inception has distributed wealth in excess of Rs. 40 billion amongst the dairy farming community through a 20% increase in improved milk yields. Through its philanthropy and citizenship wing – Engro Foundation – the Company continues to focus on strategic community investments based on national priorities to ensure reduction in poverty and spur inclusive growth in the communities that host Engro’s businesses.

    Engro Corporation is well positioned to play its role in creating inclusive growth for the country while working on high impact areas of the economy such as the energy sector through its involvement with the Thar coal and the LNG import terminal projects.