Hussain Dawoodchairman

Mr. Hussain Dawood joined the Board in 2003, and served as the Chairman of Engro Corporation since 2006, focusing on solutions to pressing issues faced by the country. Under his stewardship, Engro has emerged as a partner of choice for international companies that are exploring investments in Pakistan. During this period Engro has expanded existing businesses, entered into new fields of business, and achieved new levels of revenue growth. He also serves as Chairman of the Dawood Hercules Corporation.

Mr. Dawood is enthusiastic about human development based on Character and Good Manners (CGM). Under his stewardship, the Group is now focused on continuously investing in the growth potential of both its people and businesses. This entails competency in leadership development, upskilling and reskilling, and international partnerships, contributing to the growth of Pakistan.

Mr. Dawood is the Chair of the Board of Trustees for The Dawood Foundation (TDF) which focuses on Education Inspiring Social Change. The Magnifiscience Centre,Pakistan’s first interactive science museum, conceptualized and developed by TDF, was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi on 13th November 2021.

Mr. Dawood is the Founder & Chairman of the Board of Governors of KSBL (the Karachi School of Business & Leadership), a graduate management school focused on inspiring Effective Leaders. Within KSBL, the Engro Leadership Academy strives to embody the principles of CGM for all who pass through its doors.

Mr. Dawood is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. Mr. Dawood has been leading the Group’s engagement with the World Economic Forum since 1992. Mr. Dawood holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA, and is a graduate in Metallurgy from Sheffield University, UK.