Our Values

collective agenda


effective succession planning

own talent, own value, own growth

strategic business partnering

cultivate strategic business partnering capability to help people drive effective decision-making and improved business performance

diversity & inclusion

raise the P.A.R (policies, analytics, reputation) to “encourage, enable & empower” women in our society by consciously focusing on: workplace, marketplace & community

future ready workforce

LEAP: (learn empower adapt progress) develop current and future engro leaders by focusing on functional capabilities and leadership behaviors

employee experience

e4: exceptional employee experience & engagement at engro

Approach & Outcome

Key approach to transformation and embedding agility is through people & technology.

For people, it would entail a mindset change in the organization to be more strategic and adapt quickly to problem-solving. The strength will lie in bringing the right initiatives to make human capital competitive and innovative, by focusing on behaviors, capability & structure.

We will have to define and test our own metrics whilst continuing to reflect on our agile journey to learn and adapt.

Outcome: Impact on Ops, Business Strategy, Scalability & Culture.

message from chief people officer

rizwan masood raja

Human Capital remains a strategic priority at Engro and is an integral part of our Central Idea and Core Values. Engro understands that the challenges for its businesses in the future will be different from those in the past, and the Company must invest in developing the required leadership competencies to face those challenges. We understand that we can only deliver on our aspirations if we have the best-in-class talent on board. To ensure we continue to bet big on our people, we are focused on transforming our talent management approach along with our commitment to the desired culture – from attracting and developing the best people, to enhancing their engagement and sustaining a performance-oriented culture of learning and leadership.

We celebrate apprenticeship & continuous learning, in which people development is a critical responsibility for all managers. Our leaders are expected to create learning opportunities, provide coaching and give regular, constructive feedback; a philosophy further reinforced in our performance management and goal-setting system and the newly launched Learning Management System. Our Leadership Competency Model, increased digitization, and robust people processes are designed to promote collaboration, innovation, data-driven insights & evidence-based decision making whilst keeping “People-First” at its core.

We believe that diversity makes us stronger. We not only endeavor to give equal opportunity to all candidates, irrespective of gender, religion, or background, but also strive to enable an inclusive culture across the organization. We have initiated our diversity ambition with rollout of the DE&I framework, geared towards embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as an integral part of our culture. Moreover, throughout the year, we also implemented a multi-pronged strategy including talent acquisition & onboarding, learning & capability development, and talent engagement frameworks ensuring a healthy talent pipeline that guarantees presence of well-rounded future leaders for the organization. We are proud of the engagement and association of our workforce at Engro which has helped us become one of the leading conglomerates in Pakistan.

year in review

our comprehensive people journey

In the year 2021, our people journey focused on renewing our commitment to diversity and inclusion, along with implementing key talent development pipeline initiatives for a future ready workforce, a key theme for our long-term strategic alignment business strategy.

Employees and their skill development is an integral part of Engro’s Central Idea and Core Values. We focused on transforming and reshaping the talent management approach, to a sustaining performance-oriented culture of learning and leadership.

Strength in Diversity & Inclusion

Engro has also prioritized Diversity & Inclusion as a key strategic dimension that shall complement our existing efforts for a more diversified and inclusive, future ready workforce.

We hope that under this newly inducted strategic framework of diversity ambition, we will be able to show further progress in the years to come. This includes increasing our gender diversity footprint at both the senior leadership as well as fresh induction levels. We are one of the first conglomerates in Pakistan that has increased women representation at the board to 30%, and through our Engro Enablers Program, 38% of our graduate trainee hires are women.

We also endeavor to give equal opportunities to all candidates during the recruitment process, irrespective of their gender, religion, or background.

To bring this ambition to life, we launched a ‘Uraan Associate Training Program’, a technical training program targeted at inducting freshly graduated women residing in the Port Qasim area, to be placed at the Terminals. The objective of this program was to create a trained technical talent pool and facilitate employability among the women from the local community by providing them with a one-year program, comprising of both classroom and on-the-job training. The program involved a rigorous recruitment process conducting tests, multiple interviews with HR and panel discussions. 18 multi-talented and multi-faceted women were selected to attend the group session, out of which 17 were onboarded.

We also launched a first-of-it-kind initiative ‘Break Ke Baad’ as a stepping stone for professional women who want to transition back to the workplace after taking a break. The objective was to build a high-quality pool of women for senior roles by providing opportunity to all talented women, including Ex-Engro employees, who were on a career break for at least a period of 12 months. We received a total of 1273 applications and onboarded a total of 11 women for a one year program across various Engro businesses including EEL, ECORP, EPCL & FERT. We aim to induct at least 75% of these associates to become a part of Engro.

our people

Strategy Transformation

Our Talent Development outreach steams from Engro’s Leadership Competency Model (LCM), ensuring our core values are fully lived by our workforce. Developing leadership is important at all levels, and we begin nurturing this thought process by evaluating our people on key behavioral indicators and investing in them by developing quality leadership skills through tailored top talent programs. We believe that the continuous growth and development of our people is key to surviving in a dynamic, complex, and challenging business environment.

The Talent Acquisition practice is now standardized through the revamped TA product program, internship product program, and Graduate Trainee (GTE) product program across the Engro Group. Thus, a cohesive and consistent experience for potential candidates has been envisioned and delivered. We completely digitized the entire recruitment process with an efficient pre-employment medical process, and safe and virtual operations for large programs such as internships. Furthermore, Engro’s flagship GTE program was fully digitalized and rebranded as Engro Enablers.

At Engro, we promote a healthy competitive and result-oriented culture. We recognize and reward our best employees with high rewards. Our success is measured by a defined set of performance perimeters adaptable to our working environment. These are achieved by constantly engaging our people with periodic employee engagement surveys and pulse checks, encouraging diversity and inclusion, and developing a culture of strong meritocratic focus through concerted efforts placed on recruitment, capability development, and employee engagement across varied domains of our operations. We continue to provide an enhanced user experience by delivering the best-in-class operational services to our employees. By leveraging the best technology, we ensure that Engro has the proper people-related operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively support the growth, financial strength, and operating efficiency.

human capital performance

key value inputs

  1. 3,281 employees across the company.
  2. Initiated platforms like Break ke Baad, Uraan, and WE Thrive, to promote women’s employment and engagement across all subsidiaries and locations.
  3. Invested approx.. 142 million PKR in the year 2021 to train and develop our employees across all subsidiaries.
  4. Launched Engro Enablers, as a flagship program for fresh graduate induction and digitized our internship program, across Engro Corporation and its subsidiaries digitized our internship program.

key value outputs

  1. Gender diversity ratio in 2021 has leveled down by 4.25% vs 2020.
  2. Board diversity ratio in 2021 has leveled up by 10% vs 2020.
  3. 38 % trainees inducted through the Engro Enablers Program are women
  4. Our employee engagement score increased by a 4-point increase to 86 %
  5. Work related injuries decreased significantly by almost 69 % from 39% in 2020 to 12% in 2021
  6. 6 Engro subsidiaries posted Zero Total Recordable Work-Related Injuries (TRWRI)
  7. Our average TRWRI has significantly decreased from 0.24 in 2020 to 0.0647
progress on

strategic dimensions during the year

Strategic dimensions Goals for 2021 Progress in 2021
effective succession

talent to value change

Organized sessions with subsidiaries to develop the best talent pipeline and key roles’ requirements. A complete monitoring framework on career preferences, strengths, development areas, development actions for key succession roles, and succession paths has been developed.

strategic business

succession planning

  • In 2021, Human Resource Business Partners (HRBP) initiated workforce plans to comprehend the goals, requirements, and skillsets required while looking at the way forward.
  • Top 2% of the workforce involved in utmost and critical roles were identified to introduce development plans and exceed the desired expectations for our succession planning strategic lever.

employee engagement

Improved employee experience and productivity focus group discussions and action plans were made on areas of team strengths and developments.

talent review

HRBPs assisted in talent calibration of identified aspiring talent within our workforce and ensured Engro is rotating most of its employees every 3 years, and 2 years for high performers.

performance management system

Purposeful feedback sessions with executives and GMs were conducted, with discussion and alignment on Engro’s leadership competencies.

diversity and inclusion Raise the P.A.R (Policies, Analytics, Reputation) to “Encourage, Enable & Empower women in our society by consciously focusing on Workplace, Marketplace & Community
  • Break ke Baad: Creating opportunities for women on career breaks to reenter the corporate world. The first batch of women hired in Sep 2021.
  • WE Thrive: Platform for women to network across seniority levels and the Group, and Capability Development - Launched in 2020.
  • Uraan: Onboarded 17 women from the local community residing in the Port Qasim area at the Terminals
  • Enable All: A Skills Development Program for hiring PWDs & Transgender employees. 2 Engro sites have employed People With Disabilities (PWD). Accessibility certifications from GAATES & IAAP.
  • Enablers ProgramGTE Program to recruit fresh engineers across the group at different locations. 38% GTEs are women in the 2020 & 2021 batch.
  • Workplace Wellbeing:Dedicated women’s wellbeing sessions on Pink October. Nutritional, Physical & Emotional wellbeing. Safer site for moms-to-be (EL SA Air Pack), common rooms & guest houses for women.
  • Increased DE&I Conversations: Courageous conversations regarding accountability of leadership and challenges of women
Exceptional Employee Experience Employee Relations The engagement score has increased to 86% which is 4 points higher than last year.

our human capital fact sheet

number of employees


  • engro corporation
  • engro fertilizers
  • engro polymer & chemicals
  • engro vopak terminal
  • engro energy
  • engro eximp & agriproduct
  • engro elengy
  • engro enfrashare

number of employees - subsidiary wise

  • engro corporation
  • engro fertilizers
  • engro polymer & chemicals
  • engro vopak terminal
  • engro elengy
  • engro eximp & agriproduct
  • engro energy
  • engro enfrashare

breakup of employees – subsidiary and gender wise

  • Men
  • Women

gender diversity ratio

board diversity ratio

Safety First & Foremost

Engro Corporation remains committed to being the best in its performance with respect to all aspects of health and safety. Over the years, we have evolved, infused, and integrated a proactive and safe working culture throughout our operating environment. Our combined efforts to bring significant improvement since our inception continues to be at an advanced level of maturity. Engro’s corporate safety performance is driven by our 5 fundamental guiding pillars of health and safety to achieve excellence in performance. Engro believes in operating its businesses on international standards and therefore continuously monitors and measures safety performance, taking all the necessary precautionary trials and devising routines to avoid risks. Apart from this, we have also established a corporate Health and Safety function to bring effective oversight, transparency, and most importantly, to drive continuous improvement in safety performance as a combined knowledge-sharing platform.

Five pillar Diagram

Excellence in health

Engro lays the utmost importance on the health and safety of its employees and to ensure world class standards, Engro makes sure that all its subsidiaries are certified with adequate Health and Safety Standards of ISO. Engro’s subsidiaries are also certified with Dupont Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene (OHIH), Process Safety and Risk Management (PSRM), and Personal Safety Management (PSM). Engro is proud to be one of the few corporations in Pakistan to achieve the British Safety Standards 4-Star rating.

Total Recordable Work-Related Injuries (TRWRI)

incident rate comparison

Subsidiary Wise Comparison

  • 2021
  • 2020

Total Work Related Injuries (Excluding FAC)

Work - Related Injuries

Subsidiary Wise Comparison

  • 2021
  • 2020