Engro has been a torch bearer in valuing its operating environment from mere reactive compliance to proactive environmental stewardship. Over the years, we have evolved to preserving the environment we operate in as an active part of our organizational culture. Our commitment towards ensuring our natural capital objectives drives and thrives from the top most tier of governance and management and translates to the respective subsidiaries. Engro Corporation and its subsidiaries take great care with utmost responsibility to define and designate priority areas within their own operating environment to redesign, refine and assign aggressive targets to successful management of environmental effluents and resource conservation. We treat our ecosystem management and responsible resource utilization as our own natural capital and continuously strive for its betterment. It is pertinent to mention here that standardization for us is the key to our success in this respect. All our businesses are certified in environmental management systems EMS 14001, we also maintain a rigorous internal audit regime with a prime focus of continuous learning and improvement from behavioral as well as technical interfaces.

our journey

from compliance to capital

At Engro our approach towards natural capital management has always been that of a responsible stakeholder while delivering excellence in production operations since our inception. Our journey towards valuing our Natural Capital started from 1991 as part of the legacy we inherited from EXXON Chemicals, after formally transforming to Engro Chemicals Ltd. At that point in time Engro had already developed its self-monitoring environmental metrics though not binding to any local law there was a commitment to at least monitor our emissions and keep them to a certain bench mark. In 1997 with the passing of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act (PEPA) and induction of National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) we became one of the first commercial chemical manufacturing facility in one of the remote geographical locations of Pakistan to follow the mandatory standards in letter and spirit and adapted our organization’s working culture accordingly by developing an organization and corresponding management structure with stringent training and staffing regimes. We had already started categorizing and managing our hazardous wastes with our own set of disposal standards. In 2003 Hazardous Substance Rules were promulgated by the government of Pakistan. Once again Engro became a leader with amicably trained human and physical resources to cater to the ever changing needs of the regulatory framework adopting the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Framework in 2004 one of the pioneers in this standardization in Pakistan. In 2005 Engro took another leap forward by becoming a signatory to the charter of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and became the first company in Pakistan to officially disclose its environmental performance by adopting to the disclosure requirements of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and followed the GRI framework till 2013. As part of Engro Corporation we adopted the integrated reporting model keeping in view the diversification of our businesses and became the first corporate entity to publish Integrated Report merging our environmental performance to resource efficiency and valuing it formally as our Natural Capital. This journey of constant dedication and responsibility still continues.

our journey


our strategy

valuing our natural capital

At Engro, we have a three layered approach to our strategy towards valuing our natural capital, at the core is our operations. We at Engro have a firm belief that responsible operations will always result in sustained and improved environmental outcomes. Keeping in view of the multitude of challenges that we face due to our operations predominantly in the Chemicals, Polymer, Energy and Food businesses we always reflect upon the intended environmental impacts and risks associated to the external and internal environment. We also take great care that we monitor and reduce our negative impacts and bring sustained improvement in our positive impacts with an active commitment and governance structure at each tier of governance and management, this includes a structured approach on adherence to all local laws and applicable standards, classification and regular appraisal of our environmental foot prints, and also to continuously strive towards conservation of natural resources through efficient technology and behavioral change.


our measured natural capital

In the current reporting year of 2017, Engro Corporation and its associated subsidiaries have gone through an organizational realignment. Engro Foods is not a part of this year’s natural capital value creation process. SECMC, EPTL and EQPL have been merged to form Engro Energy Limited. EETPL also features prominently along with EVTL and EEAPL. It is also pertinent to mention here that we continue to work with our subsidiaries to bench mark and update their corresponding resource and other natural capital footprints with global best practices and assessment parameters. We remain fully committed in complying with all requirements of the concerned regulatory bodies.

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