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Value creation by achieving functional excellence in all
our human capital functions

Our hallmark of continued sustenance and success is mapped through continuous value addition to our most important asset, our employees, “Our People”. At Engro, there exists an unceasing commitment to follow the guidelines of our ‘Talent Management Strategy 2014’. A strategy that defines our direction towards developing and propagating an enabling organizational culture that improves diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, our leadership pipeline, inculcates loyalty and instils a sense of pride within our employees.

We are proudly galloping ahead with institutionalizing our core strategic areas to this strategy. These areas are Learning and Development, Succession Planning framework, Leadership Development and Top Talent Framework, Diversity and Inclusion and Recruitment and Sourcing. The success of these is measured by a defined set of performance parameters adaptable to our own working culture and environment. We have continuous monitoring and improvement mechanisms in place that in turn result in optimum desired outcomes. These are achieved by constantly engaging with our people through conducting our annual employee engagement survey. In addition, we also have regular HR audits and training needs analyses/assessments. Thus creating and delivering our desired human capital value through enhanced functional excellence.

In the year 2017, our human capital value creation remained aligned with our talent development framework, managing existing talent by enhancing their capabilities, effective performance management and associated rewards. We also achieved 100% return to work for females employees. Our employee engagement survey showed positivity and achieved an average of 64% for the subsidiaries that participated.

human capital

key value inputs to our
human capital performance

  • 2221 employees in 2 developed and 6 remote regions of Pakistan
  • Talent Management Strategy to impart technical and managerial skills across all subsidiaries
  • Transparent employee engagement through sound ethical and governance structures
  • Performance indicators, HR audits, employee training and awareness programmes
  • Safety performance management, standardization and KPIs assessment through continuous monitoring and improvement

human capital

our human capital fact sheet 2017


safety first & foremost - our people
our responsibility

Engro Corporation and its partner subsidiaries remain committed to be the best in its safety performance. Over the years we have evolved, infused and integrated a proactive safe working culture throughout our operating environment. Our consolidated and coordinated efforts to bring about a landmark improvement since our inception is now at an advanced level of maturity. Engro takes pride in its process safety and risk management model. We at Engro truly believe in running our businesses on best internationally accepted standards enabling us to manage all sorts of risks animating from our operating environment. Our safety and risk management model resonates a 5 level of protection strategy:

  • Corporate Management System
  • Internationally aligned HSE Systems
  • Culture of Operational Excellence
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Audits & Inspections
  • Will to Improve

human capital

excellence in safety

All Engro subsidiaries based on their specific work environments are certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety standard. A selection of Engro Corporation subsidiaries depending on their operating environment are also certified with DuPont Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene (OHIH), Process Safety and Risk Management (PSRM) and Personal Safety Management (PSM). It is important to note here that we are also one of the few corporates in Pakistan to achieve British Safety Standards 4 star rating.

safety performance indicators