embrace equity

    With #EmbraceEquity set as the theme for the second talks@engro event, diverse speakers were brought together to share personal stories, insights, and solutions aimed at advancing women's equity at all levels.

    Through collective expertise and experiences, talks@engro aims to ignite meaningful conversations and inspire positive action toward a more equitable future.

    our speakers

    Masarrat Misbah has to her credit, a growing empire of salons and a charitable foundation that has succeeded in transforming lives. In addition to being a stylist extraordinaire, a salon magnate, an entrepreneur, and a humanitarian, Masarrat is the woman behind Depilex Salons, Depilex Smileagain Foundation and Masarrat Misbah Makeup.

    Masarrat Misbah is the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance.

    Taking the stage, Masarrat Misbah talks about, “Women and Inclusivity: A Hope for the Future.”

    A lawyer and civil rights activist, Jibran Nasir practices criminal and constitutional law with a focus on safeguarding human rights. He has been involved in disaster relief work through Elaj Trust and also contested the 2013 and 2018 general elections for the Provincial and National Assembly as an independent candidate from Karachi.

    Jibran regularly engages youth on topics related to citizen empowerment, legal reforms and social justice and has spoken at more than of 50 Universities in Pakistan, US and the UK.

    Taking the stage, Jibran Nasir talks about, ‘Rights of The Girl Child.”

    Rabia Aziz is a special needs and mental health advocate, motivational speaker, facilitator and, social worker. She is the founder at Special Needs Pakistan - an online support group raising awareness for persons with disabilities, and Aaliya's Care Packages for struggling mothers in maternity wards.

    Rabia Aziz has spoken at many diverse platforms, including Facebook, TEDx, WOW, Special Olympics Pakistan, etc.

    Taking the stage, Rabia Aziz talks about, “The Power of Self Through Grit and Resilience.”

    A Pakistani-American writer, performer and production designer, Mariam Riaz Paracha is the Co-founder at Spoken Stage, an organization that promotes freedom of expression through art, performance. She's one of the founders at Mano Animation Studios where she served as the art director for the award-winning animated film, "The Glassworker".

    Taking the stage, Mariam Paracha narrates her spoken word “'Fly High.”

    An ace filmmaker, producer, and director of the Pakistani television and film industry, Nadeem started his career as a television director and later expanded his area of expertise in film direction and production.

    The Nadeem Baig directorial is praised for breaking stereotypes and being inclusive with a simple storyline that resonates with all ages in a family.

    Taking the stage, Nadeem Baig talks about, “Imparting Lessons on Equity Through Storytelling.”

    Nazish Chagla is a certified Functional Nutritionist, Health Coach and Hormone Health specialist from the world's largest nutrition school; The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA, and School of Applied Functional Medicine.

    Nazish has conducted several talks and workshops on many health concerns including gut health, diabetes, women;’s health to name a few. She is an advocate for women's health and holds workshops and creates content extensively around the subject.

    Taking the stage, Nazish Chagla talks about, “Why Women Fare Badly on Nutritional Health Indicators.”

    panel discussion

    Ismail Mahmud leads the panel discussion, “Impacting Positive Change by Embracing Equity” with Sabrina Dawood & Naz Khan

    Ismail Mahmud
    Ismail Mahmud

    CEO, Engro Vopak & Engro Elengy Terminal

    Sabrina Dawood
    Sabrina Dawood

    Vice-Chairperson, Dawood Foundation

    Naz Khan
    Naz Khan

    Principal Country Officer, International Finance Corporation

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