August 08, 2018

    How Rana Javed reached for the stars

    The story of Rana Javed is a story of persistence, dedication, excellence and desire. It is the story of a starry eyed trade apprentice at Engro who in forty years would be the CEO of his own company. What sets him apart is not just his growth from an entry level position at Engro to the owner of a top ten industrial services company, it is the fact that this success was powered by a powerful fundamental belief on how businesses should be run and how they should impact the disenfranchised communities they operate in.

    Too often we think of businesses as entities that create value by making profits sometimes at odds with societal needs. Engro aspires to be a business that operates at the intersection of societal need and maximizing shareholder’s value our businesses are led by the narrative of creating “shared value”; a principle that ensures creation of value for shareholders as well as the communities its businesses impact. With “shared value” society and business are not on a spectrum anymore, they are collaborating to lead social progress.

    Watch Rana Javed’s remarkable story and how what he learned at Engro about planning, fair business practices and creating local impact, drives his company until today.