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    November 29, 2019

    Engro Foundation Celebrates Pakistani change-makers – Announces I Am The Change Impact Awards 2019 Recipients

    Karachi, Nov 29, 2019: Engro Foundation announced the recipients of I Am The Change (IATC) Impact Awards for 2019 in a ceremony held today. In addition to the senior management of Engro, various private, public, and the development sector leaders were also in attendance.

    A flagship initiative of Engro Foundation, IATC aims to celebrate and support organizations making sustainable impact in Pakistan by relentlessly pursuing a better tomorrow. The Award is presented in two categories – Social Development (for Not-for-profit Organizations) and Social Enterprise (for Social Enterprises). The recipients in each category were awarded PKR 2 million after a rigorous selection by an independent jury.

    The IATC Impact Award in the category of Social Development was presented to Karawan-Hayat, a Karachi-based nonprofit working to address the rising problem of mental health in Pakistan and combating the stigma associated with mental disorders. The IATC Impact Award in the category of Social Enterprise was presented to AzCorp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., a social enterprise striving to change how youngsters view the idea of a “hero” and promoting tolerance, diversity and justice for all by engaging school-going children across Pakistan.

    Previous winners of the IATC Awards include organizations such the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled, TRIAC Pvt. Ltd, Digital Rights Foundation, Daachi Foundation, Orangi Pilot Project; Child Life Foundation; The Dream Foundation; The Garage School; Patients Welfare Association; Karachi Vocational & Training Centre; Child Aid Association; KhwendoKor; Akhuwat, IDSP Community Learning Centers, Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation (AMTF) and Rural Education and Economic Development Society (REEDS).

    Speaking at the occasion, Ghias Khan – President & CEO, Engro Corporation said, “As a Pakistani organization, we strongly believe in investing in social development by supporting organizations who are solving pressing issues of our time. Our business strategies, too, are aligned with our vision of creating a sustainable future for the country, by contributing to social investments through the Engro Foundation in the areas of agriculture, livelihood enhancement, water advocacy and women empowerment.”

    Addressing the audience, Favad Soomro, Head of Engro Foundation, said, “I Am The Change Impact Awards are held to highlight the up-and-coming trailblazers of change in Pakistan. This evening is about celebrating their tremendous work on the ground and empowering these change-makers to create sustainable models that can be scaled up so wider social impact can be created.”

    The recipients of the IATC Impact Award were selected based on the scope of their social work; level of impact, number of beneficiaries and the ability to replicate the program, amongst other key considerations. The IATC Impact Award entails a financial grant of PKR 2 Million along with supporting the recipients in terms capacity & organizational development.