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    September 29, 2015

    Engro Celebrates 50 Years since Inception

    Tucked within the obscure grounds of Mari district, the unexpected discovery by Esso-Mobil gave birth to the Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Company in 1965 – that later became Engro.

    Karachi, September 29, 2015:In a grand event organized by Engro, the Company celebrated fifty years since its inception in 1965.

    Khalid SirajSubhaniCEO & President Engro Corporation, while addressing the mediadrew parallels between the Company then and now. He stated that what started as a single product Company has now diversified in to a diversified conglomerate with interests in multiple industries. The Company has grown from strength to strength and now employs over 3,800 employees versus less than 100 at the time of its inception.

    Deeply embedded in the value chains in the industries that the Company operates, Engro maintains a presence in over 300+ cities across Pakistan and beyond. Khalid SirajSubhani who has been an Engro veteran is a prime example of the Company’s strong promote-from-within culture and has served the business in various roles for over three decades. He further highlighted that since its beginning the Company has showcased stellar growth and compared to 1960s has grown approximately 170 times in revenue terms.

    He further said: “Engro is one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates celebrating 50 years is a huge achievement for us. Integrated in the agricultural and dairy sector we reach out to approximately 1.8 million farmers, directly benefitting almost 13 million lives in the agri-dairy space. Our food products nourish 12 million consumers every day, and given our interventions in the energy sector of the country we believe we are well placed to impact a wider audience in a more meaningful manner.”

    Naila Kassim, Manager HR & Corporate Communications also addressed the attendees and thanked them for their constant support that media and other stakeholders have extended to the Company over time.
    Engro Corporation’s 50 year celebration also marked the unveiling of the first ever media campaign reflecting the Company’s array of businesses and how it has been an integral part in uplifting the lives of people since 1965.