human capital

has an impeccable character and lives by highest standards of integrity and accountability

nurtures passion to serve country, community and Company, with strong belief in the dignity and value of people

cares deeply about environmental impact and safety of people

  • collective agenda
  • principle

    own talent, own value, own growth

    cultivate a strategic business partnering capability to help people drive effective decision-making and improved business performance

    raise the P.A.R (policies, analytics, reputation) to “encourage, enable & empower women in our society by consciously focusing on: workplace, marketplace & community

    LEAP (learn empower adapt progress) develop current and future Engro leaders by focusing on functional capabilities and leadership behaviors

    e4 exceptional employee experience & engagement at Engro

  • approach & outcome
    • key approach to transformation and embedding agility is through people & technology
    • for people, it would entail a mindset change in the organization to be more strategic and adapt quickly to problem-solving. The strength will lie in bringing right initiatives to make the human capital competitive and innovative, focusing on behaviors, capability & structure
    • we will have to define and test our own metrics whilst continuing to reflect on our agile journey to learn and adopt
    • outcome: impact on operation, business strategy, scalability & culture

key inputs

  • 3,592 employees in developed remote regions of Pakistan
  • Launched Thrive program, to bring together women employees on a single platform from across all subsidiaries and locations
  • Launched Engro Enablers, as a flagship for fresh graduate induction in Engro Corporation and all subsidiaries and digitized our internship program
  • The first ever rollout of online campaign to enhance Engro’s employer brand on all social platforms
  • Transparent employee engagement through sound ethical and governance structures
  • Performance indicators, HR Audits, Employee training and awareness programmes
  • Safety performance management, standardization and KPIs assessment through continuous monitoring and improvement

key outputs

  • Average employee engagement has increased by 15% as compared to 2019
  • Average training time per employee has increased by 15.7% as compared to 2019
  • Approximately 22 hours of average training time per employee across all subsidiaries. Gender diversity ratio in 2020 has leveled up by 6.25% when comparing it with 2019. Total Attrition Rate decreased by 3% and Attrition Rate in women decreased by 8% in 2020 from 2019 respectively
  • Our Flagship Engro Enablers attracted more than 12,000 fresh graduate applications
  • Engro Vopak completed 23 Years of Safe Operation without LTI (lost time injury) zero TRIR & zero PSER
  • Engro Elengy completed 5 years of Safe Operation without LTI (lost time injury) and zero TRIR

average employee’s engagement has increased by 2.5%

average training time per employee’s has increased by 15.7%

gender diversity has increased by 6.25%

vopak completed 23 years of safe operation without LTI, zero TRIR & PSER

strategic dimensions goals for 2020 progress in 2020
effective succession planning talent development
  1. talent-to-value completed for all subsidiaries
  2. succession planning framework developed to identify successors for key roles and pipeline established for key roles; continuation of efforts down the organization in 2021
strategic business partnering
talent acquisition
meritocratic rewards and recognition
  1. onboard positions in Key senior roles
    Chief Legal Officer
    Chief Executive Officer – Enfrashare
    Chief Executive Officer – EVTL & EETL
    Chief Executive Officer FZE VP ICT
  2. achieved 0% non-desired attrition in critical positions
  1. market-based compensation-ratio model launched
  2. merit-based variable compensation launched linked to business objectives & leadership competency
  3. benefits alignment continued
  4. policy updates continued
future ready workforce learning & development
  1. centralized LEAP framework launched encompassing onboarding, technical/functional and leadership development
  2. online learning launched across the group
  3. envisage (engro leadership academy) trainings on hold due to COVID-19, one EXCOM cohort executed
diversity and inclusion raise the P.A.R (policies, analytics, reputation) to “encourage, enable & empower women in our society by consciously focusing on: workplace, marketplace & community
  1. comprehensive diversity & inclusion framework launched
  2. revamped and launched inclusionary policies across Engro.
  3. gender sensitization trainings initiated.
exceptional employee experience
employee engagement
employee relations, risk and governance
  1. launch of employee central for wave I companies
  2. people operations & capability developed and centralized
  3. engagement score of 82% across Engro
  1. developed risk governance matrix
  2. anti-harassment committee launched
total number of employees (%) 2020
total number of employees subsidiary wise 2020
3592 employees
breakup of employees by categories
breakup of employee engagement
85% employees
average employee engagement
average training time per employee
gender diversity ratio
attrition rate and attrition rate in women
total recordable incident rate comparison
total recordable incident rate subsidiary wise comparison
work-related injuries comparison
work-related injuries comparison
39 total (2020)
23 total (2019)