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    press releases
    March 25, 2009

    Public-Private-Partnership for Raising Plantation in Changa Manga

    Pakistan is a forest deficit country with hardly 5% of its area under forest cover. The Punjab
    province has only 3.1% of its area under forest, against a prescribed requirement of at least
    25% to maintain a healthy environmental balance. Due to the scarcity of financial resources in
    the public sector and decreasing irrigation water, the forestry development in the Punjab
    Province in particular and in the country in general has caused a substantial decline in the
    forest density and as a result a number of blanks have been created in the public forests. But
    unfortunately these blanks cannot be planted due to the financial constraints. However the
    private sector particularly the industries can play a vital role in enhancing the tree cover in

    Having realized the Green House Gases (GHG) reduction obligations of the industrial sector, the
    Engro Polymer (Pvt) Limited has stepped forward to take a lead role for raising plantations to
    mitigate the climate change effects in the country. The Company signed an MOU with the
    Punjab Forest Department to plant over 40000 evergreen saplings (120 acres) at a cost of Rs.2.2
    millions, in Changa Manga on April 13th, 2009.

    Looking at the zeal and dedication of the Engro Polymer (Pvt) Ltd for this noble cause it is
    expected that these efforts are likely to set an example for others to follow and positively
    contribute for mitigation of the environmental pollution. Simultaneously, the Punjab Forest
    Department has also gained momentum to welcome the private sector to participate for the
    forestry development in the Province. The department has changed its laws and policies to
    invite the private sector for private public partnership (PPP) to enhance tree cover of the
    Province. I wish this PPP model to be a great success and a milestone effort of the Engro
    Polymer Pvt. Ltd.

    Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Deptt.
    Government of the Punjab, Lahore