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    March 18, 2010

    Engro Polymer & Chemical Limited (EPCL) Taking a Leading Initiative to Green Pakistan

    March 18, 2010: Engro Polymer & Chemicals (EPCL) Ltd, is taking a leading initiative to Green Pakistan.
    The initiative is being taken collaboration with NWFP Forest department with the community of Arwaar
    village which is located in south-eastern part of NWFP and forms part of the border with Punjab
    province.Earlier in July 2009, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the NWFP Forest
    Department and (EPCL) to initiate this plantation on the reserved forest lands located at Donga & Kuza
    Galis, Galiat. The NWFP Forest Department has extended its cooperation and technical support for the
    implementation of the project for plantation on additional 120 acres of land in the Village.
    The project will therefore be a tripartite arrangement, where EPCL will provide the financial and
    monitoring support; Forest Department will be implementing the project by engaging the community of
    Arwar village. WWF-P will be the monitoring agency and aims towards improving the social, economic
    and environmental well being of the area. The project is designed on the basis of benefit sharing
    mechanism for establishing orchard farm which will mainly comprise of trees like plum, appricot, and
    apple .Plantation will also include mixed broad leaves species such as Rubinia, Alantas and Walnut etc
    which are considered to be fast growing species. Not only this, EPCL will also be providing the Family
    Nutrition Kits (FNKs) to the community which are meant for addressing household food needs. This will
    encourage community to grow their own vegetables instead of purchasing from the market. On the launch of the Project EPCL’s CEO Mr. Asif Qadir said:
    Engro Polymer & Chemicals tends extreme importance towards the protection and conservation of
    Environment not only because protecting environment is part of our core values but also because we
    realize our responsibility as a corporate citizen which cares for Environment, community and society as a

    EPCL foresees this initiative as a “Sustainable intervention” based on the results of the current working
    model already implemented with provincial forest department of NWFP”. The success rate of plantation
    has encouraged us to increase the plantation area upto 500 acres at various locations in. Our vision is to
    contribute towards a greener & cleaner Pakistan for ourselves, for the people of Pakistan and the
    upcoming generations.

    For further information contact:

    Sarah Aziz
    CSR & Corporate Communication Officer
    Mobile: 0332-3784235