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    June 05, 2007

    Engro chemical renews commitment to reduce enviromental footprint

    June 5, 2007

    Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited has spent Rs. 390 million on different important environment-related projects since 1991 to-date. The company marked the World Environment Day this year by holding a walk at their plant site in Daharki with renewed commitment to reduce the environmental footprint as well as taking proactive steps to conserve the non renewable resources.

    The company’s focus this year has been on creation of environment awareness while for the next year the company will focus on projects related to saving water and energy besides exploring alternative energy sources.

    The company announced that it has focused on disposal of hazardous solid waste in which catalysts were disposed off. Moreover, ozone depleting substances (like CFCs) were totally eliminated and replaced in its processes with environment friendly clean gases. The company also eliminated the use of mercury lights and replaced them with sodium lights as part of its environment-friendly policies.

    The elimination of greenhouse gases by different energy projects led to 7% reduction in emission of greenhouse gases.

    Speaking on the occasion, Engro’s Health Safety & Environment Manager, Jahangir Piracha said, “We have explored all the possibilities to reduce emissions in order to take care of the global warming. We have chalked out action plans in detail to protect our planet.” He further apprised that Engro being a responsible corporate is fully aware of its role and responsibilities and has taken a lot of initiative not only to improve the environment but making others aware of the best practices so as to bring improvements in a larger circumference.

    A written message from regional head Environmental Protection Agency Sukkur, Mr. Waqar A. Phulpoto was read at the culmination of the event which said, “For clean air and for clean water, let us act and fulfill our responsibility.”