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    June 14, 2012

    Omore Buzz to promote underground youth talent in Pakistan

    KARACHI – June 14, 2012: Omore Buzz – the new ice-cream brand from Engro Foods – has pledged to promote the local talent of Pakistan specifically focusing on the youth of the country. The brand has come up with the concept of a magazine show targeting the talented youth of Pakistan who continue to reflect the Pakistani spirit and bring positive light to the country.

    The show titled “The No Shashka Show” resonates well with the brand concept of simple enjoyment. In a time when youth is being bombarded with multiple messages from various fronts and tasked with the burden to make important decisions, the brand promises to offer a simple yet addictive flavor without any superficial feelings or grandeur.

    The No Shashka Show is being hosted by the celebrity RJ and media personality – Khalid Malik who hosts a popular morning radio program and has a strong following in the urban teenage and youth population. Commenting on the program Khalid said: “In my interactions with the youth of Pakistan I have come across numerous individuals who are doing wonders in the fields of education, music, art, IT, livelihoods, etc. The basic concept of the show is to collaborate with a brand that represents the youth market and also offers them a platform to showcase their raw talent. The country is full of potential and it only needs an opportunity to represent the true face of Pakistan. The No Shashka show focuses on providing that opportunity to the youth and tells the world that we are a country full of diverse flavors and ‘chaskas’.”

    The program will showcase a multitude of talented individuals which include Asfandyar – a beat boxer; Bushra Siddqui – youngest blogger of Pakistan; Anhar Ashar – home based confectioner; Xehra Qadir – wall designer & glass-engraving expert; Shams Javaid – young puppeteer and mascot maker; Ruqaya Fareed – professional glass painter; and Zohaib Iqbal – from Team Pakistan that fabricated a car to reduce fuel consumption to give a mileage of 80 kms from 1-litre of fuel. The show also features original and cover performances by up-coming bands and artists.