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Our Value Proposition:
At Engro we create opportunities that allow our people to drive impact on some of the most important challenges being faced by businesses today and in the future. Working at Engro is therefore never a job; it is a purpose that is reflected in our ‘Central Idea’. It outlines Engro’s responsibilities towards our most important asset our ‘People’. The Central Idea requires us to focus on new businesses, this implies our people to be more entrepreneurial with an innovative frame of mind for our continued business success. In order to successfully navigate through the changing business landscape, in the year 2018 we embarked upon a comprehensive people strategy. In 2019, we have rigorously channelled all our efforts towards our comprehensive people transformation journey to create the desired culture for nurturing competent leadership for the future. This journey includes transforming our key people processes and linking each one to the revised leadership competency model.

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Digitization and Employee Experience

Employee Relationship, Risk and Governance

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HR audits

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Performance Indicators

Time to hire/experience

Internal mover’s rate

Undesired attrition

  • Overall
  • Critical positions
  • Women
  • Top Talent

Average training time per employee

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Value creation by achieving functional excellence in our human capital functions.

    year in review

Our Comprehensive People Journey
In the year 2019, Engro Corp and its subsidiaries created a positive impact on their human capital as indicated by the results of our annual employee engagement survey that showed a cumulative increase by a margin of 26% in 2019 in comparison to 2018. We strongly believe in continuous talent development and in 2019 our total investment in professional development of our employees stood at 42.8 million Rupees. We strive to develop new skill sets within our human capital to thrive under the current challenging work environment. We also placed a strong emphasis on improving our safety protocols for our factory workforce. In 2019 there has been significant decrease of 44% in total injuries reported by all subsidiaries compared to 2018. Our Cumulative Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) stood at 0.09 in comparison to 0.134 in 2018. Over the years our return to work after maternity leaves has shown consistent outcome of 100% and this trend has also been observed in 2019.
In 2019, we continued with implementing our comprehensive people strategy. We have managed to deliver our people strategy across Engro and its subsidiaries at a strategic level and well on our way to see it functioning at the operational level as well.

Key Value Inputs to our Human Capital Performance

  • 3,322 employees in 2 developed and 6 remote regions of Pakistan.
  • Top Talent Program to develop future leaders.
  • Transparent employee engagement through sound ethical and governance structures.
  • Performance indicators, HR Audits, Employee training and awareness programmes.
  • Safety performance management, standardization and KPIs assessment through continuous monitoring and improvement.

Key Value Outputs to our Human Capital Performance:

  • Work related injuries reduced by 44%.
  • Return to work maintained at 100%.
  • Average employee engagement increased by 26% as compared to 2018.
  • 18.71 average training time per employee across all subsidiaries with a cumulative investment of about 43 million rupees.

message from chief people officer – rizwan masood raja

The development of Human Capital is a top priority at Engro and an integral part of its Central Idea. We understand that the challenges for our businesses in the future will be different from those in the past and we must invest in developing the necessary leadership capabilities to meet these challenges. We know that we can only deliver on our aspirations if we have the best talent on board. in that endeavor, we’ve worked on attracting and developing the best people as we aim to enhance and sustain a performance-oriented culture of learning and leadership.
Our key focus areas for 2019 remained the HR Transformation encapsulating the new Leadership Competency Model behaviors ingrained via trainings and reinforced as part of year-end performance appraisal and rewards policies in our push towards developing strong performing teams. We celebrate an apprenticeship culture, in which people development is a critical responsibility for all managers. Our leaders are expected to create learning opportunities, provide coaching and give regular, constructive feedback to all their people; a philosophy further reinforced in the new performance management & goal-setting system.
Our revamped leadership competency model and robust people systems/ processes promote collaboration, innovation and resilience in the workforce. With this aim, we strive to provide the best systems and tools to our workforce to drive decision-making they need via digitization and data-driven insights and capabilities.
We believe that diversity makes us stronger. We not only endeavor to give equal opportunity to all candidates, irrespective of gender, religion or background but also strive to enable an inclusive culture. We have initiated a diversity ambition with rollout of several frameworks geared towards developing that possibility. Moreover, throughout the year we also worked on implementing a rigorous talent development framework which focused on multi-pronged areas and ensured a healthy talent pipeline that guarantees presence of well-rounded future leaders for the organization. We are proud of the engagement and association of our workforce with Engro which has helped us become one of the leading brands in Pakistan.

    key themes and achievements for people strategy transformation

Developing Talent
Our prime focus is to engage the best talent on board that can help us materialize our aspirations. We strongly promote workforce diversity by aiming to offer equal opportunities to fresh graduates, experienced hires, and candidates irrespective of gender, religion, or background and expected to live by Engro’s leadership model (ELM), instilling a sense of responsibility towards our core values. Developing leadership is important at all levels, to nurture leadership we evaluate our people based on key behavioural indicators and invest in them by developing quality leadership skills through tailored top talent programs. We believe that continuous growth and development of our people is key to surviving in a dynamic, complex and challenging business environment. We therefore invest strongly in people development. we celebrate an apprenticeship culture, in which people development is a critical responsibility for all middle tier management stafffeedback to all their people; a philosophy further reinforced in the new performance management & goal-setting system.
Engaging Talent
At Engro we promote a healthy competitive and result oriented organizational culture. We recognize and reward our best employees with high rewards. Our success is measured by a defined set of performance perimeters adaptable to our working environment. These are achieved by constantly engaging our people with periodic employee engagement surveys and Pulse checks. We consciously encourage diversity in our society by focusing on diverse employee representation with a strong meritocratic focus through concerted efforts placed on recruitment, capability development and employee engagement across varied domains. We continue to use data and principles-based approach in key human resource functions to build our desired culture and to provide an enhanced user experience by delivering the best-in-class operational services to our employees. By utilizing the best technology and practises, we ensure that Engro has the proper people-related operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively support the growth, financial strength and operating efficiency. We continue to ensure protection of Engro’s group-wide interest by ensuring compliance and pro-active measures are in place through process evaluations and self-testing frameworks. Navigating through major challenges, we will continue to nurture a culture of competitiveness and be able to attract new talent, retain trained and experienced staff, and adapt to an increasingly challenging and complex business environment.

    major achievements during the year ‘our people

Strategic Dimensions


Top Talent


Achievements in 2019

1.Onboard Positions in Key senior roles
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Information & Transformation Officer
  • VP Strategy
  • VP Special Projects

2.Achieved 0% non-desired attrition in Critical Positions

1.Launched Talent-to-Value mapping to identify and assign value to critical positions

2.Talent-to-Value exercise completed across Engro subsidiaries

1.Leadership Competency Model

  • Launched new Leadership Competency Model (LCM) behaviors linked to Our Purpose, Central Idea & Values
  • Conducted cross-company 3-Day Leadership Intervention trainings for colleagues

1.Engro Leadership Programme

  • Engro Leadership programme branded as Envisage
  • Trainings content finalized for senior positions
  • Planned launch in Q1 2020

Strategic Dimensions

Rewards & Recognition

Achievements in 2019

1.Performance Management

  • New Performance Management system launched linking business performance and leadership behaviors
  • Mid-Year and End-Year performance appraisal on new system for colleagues
  • 360° performance feedback captured for employees and framework developed or individual leadership development


  • Market-based compensation-ratio model launched
  • Broad-banding across different experience and leadership levels
  • Position-based progression initiated
  • Merit-based variable compensation launched linked to business objectives & leadership competency
  • Benefits alignment continued
  • Policy updates continued
  • Rating mechanism updated in new Performance Management system

Strategic Dimensions

Diversity & Inclusion

Digitization & Employee Experience

Achievements in 2019

1.Org-wise Deep-dive conducted to establish baseline and aspiration target set

2.Comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion framework and roadmap launched

3.Revamped and launched inclusionary policies across Engro

4.Gender sensitization trainings initiated

1.Payroll operations centralized for Engro Corporation, Engro Fertilziers and Engro VOPAK & Elengy Terminals Limited

2.People operations & capability developed and centralized

3.Central data consolidation and analysis

4.Highest ranking of “Satisfactory” in audit of all People operations and services

    our human capital fact sheet

Number of Employees

Subsidiary Wise Breakup

Breakup of Employees by Gender

*Non-Management Employee strength were not included in 2018 except for Engro Energy Limited.

Breakup of Employees by Categories

Breakup of Employee Engagement

Average Employee Engagement

Average Training Time per Employee

Gender Diverity and Return to Work after Maternity Leave

Attrition Rate and Attrition Rate in Women


    engro leadership academy

The Engro Leadership Academy (ELA) was established in 2018 at the Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL). The Academy aims to give flight to the next generation of high-performers at Engro by cultivating the skills they need to drive meaningful change in an increasingly complex world.

The year 2019 was essentially planning, content & cohorts finalization in addition to branding and rollout plan for learning through cross-functional projects & digital trainings, bespoke assessments and continuous assignments customized to the learning need.

    safety first & foremost

Our People Our Responsibility
Engro Corporation and its partner subsidiaries remain committed to be the best in its safety performance. Over the years we have evolved, infused and integrated a proactive safe working culture throughout our operating environment. Our consolidated and coordinated efforts to bring about a landmark improvement since our inception is now at an advanced level of maturity. Engro takes pride in its process safety and risk management model. We at Engro truly believe in running our businesses on best internationally accepted standards enabling us to manage all sorts of risks animating from our operating environment. Our safety and risk management model resonates a 5 level of protection strategy.
Excellence in safety Performance:
All Engro subsidiaries based on their specific work environments are certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety standard. A selection of Engro Corporation subsidiaries depending on their operating environment are also certified with DuPont Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene (OHIH), Process Safety and Risk Management (PSRM) and Personal Safety Management (PSM). It is important to note here that we are also one of the few corporates in Pakistan to achieve British Safety Standards 4 star rating.
Safety Performance Indicators

Breakup of Work-Related Injuries

Safety Performance Indicators

Work-Related Injuries Comparative

Safety Performance Indicators

Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) in 2019

Safety Performance Indicators

Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) Comparative