strategy 2020

our vision

To be a leading provider of world class products and services in the emerging and frontier economies in the energy, consumer and agricultural inputs businesses delivering a triple bottom line and creating value for all

the challenge

Driven by the aim of being a catalyst of positive change in the communities we operate in and the society at large, we continue our commitment towards innovation while seeking the adjacencies which can fuel the next growth momentum.Through the year we recalibrated our strategic growth orientation to focus on the key external themes that formulate our vision for 2020. These themes stem directly from global challenges which include energy crisis; food insecurity and rising population.

the energy vertical


Presently out of 7.3 billion people in the world today approximately 1.2 billion people live without electricity – with the most deprived region being South Asia. In Pakistan alone 9% of the total population does not have access to electricity which translates into approximately 16 million people countrywide.

As the world copes with rising energy demand, we are striving to increase our global footprint by gearing ourselves as a power generation and solutions organization that is set to solve the growing energy challenge. We aim to enhance our interventions in the energy landscape through targeted investments in international grid connected thermals; provision of LNG & coal to power sector; local and global acquisitions & heightened focus on renewables.

Consequently, by 2020 we plan to add 1,500 MW to the national grid, thereby creating up to 1500 jobs and adding approximately USD 1.25 billion EVA to the country’s economy. Through our interventions, therefore, on both the local and global front we aim to touch and empower lives of 60 million individuals each day.

food insecurity

food insecurity

As of today almost 11% of the world population lacks access to food with at least 1 out of 9 being chronically malnourished. Coupled with changes in demographic patterns such as urbanization and decline in rural population, agricultural activities continue to witness a decline, posing a significant threat to the challenge of feeding the world.

By 2020, we aim to enhance our engineering and marketing efforts to help deal with the challenge of feeding the world and enhancing productivity and farm yields. We plan to achieve this by supplementing product offerings to increase farm productivity and provide best in class farming agricultural advisory to farmers to boost their yields. By eliminating middlemen and establishing direct farmer links we aim to provide farmers with add-on benefits such as agri-credits, market information, soil sampling facility and precise agri-farming advisory amongst other services.

On the other side of the continuum, we aim to capitalize on our engineering expertise and world-class experience of over five decades of managing fertilizer businesses by venturing in to O&M services to the fertilizer sector worldwide.

We believe that through these dedicated efforts, by 2020 we will be able to increase our rural farmer outreach to 2.2 million and provide them with up to PKR 416 billion in aggregate incomes, in addition to contributing in excess of PKR 15 billion to the agricultural economy as direct farmer benefit. Moreover, by 2020 through our interventions in the rural-agri sphere we aim to touch and improve lives of approximately 13 million people as direct beneficiaries of the farm-agri vertical.

increasing consumerism

population growth – increasing consumerism

As Pakistan’s consumer market grows 1.5 folds over the next 5 years, we plan to grow into adjacencies in the dairy & beverages sector and steward milk conversion to packaged dairy whilst also enriching our product offerings in the powder and beverages category.

As the consumer market develops in the country, we foresee increased need for products that offer hygiene, care and convenience to a rising population in the country. Consequently, we aim to enhance our presence in the consumer foods category by moving in to staples and grains category encompassing wheat, rice and cooking oil.

By 2020, we aim to include increased number of dairy farmers into our folds and help provide them with a total benefit of PKR 76 billion whilst the produce from our consumer business will help provide nourishment and convenience to over 26 million lives each day across the length and breadth of the country.

our impact 2020

Consequently through our varied interventions across the aforementioned landscapes we aim to fuel the ambitions of a multitude of individuals across the country & beyond whilst executing meaningful impact across sectors that will fuel the future of our growth momentum.