Thank you for visiting Engro’s Integrated Review 2014 in a digital format. The primary purpose of this Integrated Review 2014 is to explain to stakeholders how Engro creates value over time. The Integrated Review will benefit all our stakeholders who are interested in our ability to create value including employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, local communities, regulators, providers of financial capital and policy makers.

It is important to note that value is not created by or within an organization alone and is, therefore, influenced by the external environment, created through relationships with stakeholders and dependent on various resources. These resources and relationships used and affected by the organization are collectively referred to as per the Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework as the capitals and are broadly categorized as financial, human, social and relationship, natural, manufactured and intellectual capitals. Our report seeks to provide an insight on how Engro creates value over time by interacting with its environment and these capitals over the short, medium and long term. To find out more about the Integrated Reporting Framework please visit

For the purpose of this report, the aspects and disclosures of GRI and IR have been mapped with the material aspects which have been mapped considering our business strategy, internal management reporting and the outcomes of engagement process with our stakeholders through the year. In addition, the report serves as supplementary document to our Annual Report 2014 which provides detailed insight into our financial performance and dynamics.

Our commitment to maintain the highest levels of transparency and accountability continue to take us to the next level in reporting year on year. in case you have any queries about the report and its contents, please feel free to contact me as per the details below.

I wish you all a pleasant read.

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