together, for
the next 50 years

This year, Engro marks the beginning of a new chapter.

A chapter that appears after 50 stellar years of a national success story and a household name. Over five decades, Engro's hard work and collective achievements highlight how together we are changing, and will change the world. To commemorate our fifty years we showcase our presence through a gold crest with fifty years emblazoned on it in both English and Urdu. A unique visual ligature that speaks in both languages, simultaneously.

Furthermore, it illustrates the unity in our organization, the focus of our vision, the revolution from our innovations, and the wholeness of our community that enables us to change the world, together.

Our journey is reflective of the challenges and victories that have made Engro a force for good and an organization that has a head for business and many tales of change across the entire spectrum of leadership. Together, for the next 50 years, we are already poised for greater promise, growth and prosperity.