health safety and environment

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As a leading conglomerate we are aware of our commitment to include a broader stakeholder community so we can establish a truly sustainable framework of doing business. We, as a company are passionate about ensuring that our policies & procedures remain eco-friendly and over the years we have demonstrated our focus on the environment by decreasing our environmental footprint year on year. Just like we remain cognizant of our duty to the environment, we ensure that health and safety of all stakeholders that interact with our businesses remains a paramount consideration across the board.

We understand the importance of health and safety of our people and conserving and protecting the natural capital for our own sustainability and for the society as a whole and for generations to come.

The HSE benchmarks remain a key focus area of our strategic objectives every year and continue to be an integral part of the performance goals and metrics of all businesses and employees. Consequently we continue to abide by all local environmental laws and regulations including National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS). In addition, we continually strive to align our HSE management systems and processes to international best practices including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Dupont Workplace Safety Standards. It is this stringent focus on health, safety and environment that our businesses continue to win accolades on both local and international fronts in the HSE domain.