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Engro has always been on the forefront of taking bold initiatives in pursuit of becoming one the largest conglomerates in Pakistan. At Engro, we have always been involved in making business decisions that reach out and make a difference in countless lives every day.  We have always been committed towards establishing the highest levels of professional and personal standards in all that we do. Our vision of “Invest in Engro, Invest in Pakistan” has inspired us to introduce unique products like, engro rupiya, which is envisioned to bring profitable investment alternatives to the average Pakistani investor.

With an attractive profit rate of 14.5% per annum, Engro Rupiya is superior to most saving schemes in the country. It offers you unprecedented convenience and guaranteed returns. Our strong code of ethics and transparent procedures assure no hidden costs and the peace of mind you deserve.

At engro, we understand the importance of a healthy economy and through the launch of engro rupiya our hope is to stimulate savings and encourage an environment of financial growth for the country. Investing with engro will give you the unique opportunity to channel your hard earned savings into one the fastest growing organizations of Pakistan. Our diverse portfolio of businesses and impeccable work ethics assure that all your investments are secure and reliable, with guaranteed returns.

Saving with Engro, not only assures that you’re investing your hard earned savings in a name you can trust, but as we are always involved in various charitable and philanthropic activities, you can feel confident that you are being socially responsible with your money

As we look onto the future with a renewed commitment towards excellence, we invite you to come save with us and become a part of our vision “Invest in Engro, Invest in Pakistan”

key features of the product

  • Fixed Profit rate of 14.5% per year payable every 6 months for a tenor of 3 years
  • Minimum investment of Rs. 25,000 with increments of Rs. 5,000
  • Profit earned from the first day of investment
  • Profit deposited directly into your bank account for added convenience
  • Rated “AA” which denotes very high credit quality
  • Free pickup of application form right from your doorstep
  • No minimum holding period so investments can be encashed anytime subject to service charges of 2% on the investment balance for encashments before completion of 3 years
  • Available for purchase till January 15, 2011. Multiple applications are allowed

For more information on how to invest with Engro Rupiya, please visit our website on www.engrorupiya.com